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Platform Features


Don't be limited by 150k file sizes when you can have 10 times bigger

Make sure your display advertising does not suffer from banner blindness. Be noticed!

Your team’s productivity will skyrocket instead of wasting time trying to make a crappy gif look average.

150k - 10 frames
Industry Standard
10 x More - 240 frames
AdTrek Standard
Display Banner Delivery Speedometer


A good advertising experience online is an advertising experience that loads quickly.

AdTrek is fast. Real world benchmarks actually show our video banners load faster than low-res gifs.

So what are you waiting for?.. (errr, maybe your gif?)

Display Banner Delivery Speedometer


Open up a world of new creative ideas by incorporating customisable snippets from thousands of pre-existing Javascript libraries.

AdTrek utilises the power of javascript to create quirky dynamic animations with physics.


Reduce your banner production costs using built-in feeds.

AdTrek display banners will import images, web-fonts, video and prices on-the-fly as they are delivered to a browser. And its sooooo easy to implement.

Check out our FEED Case Study for more information.


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