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Dynamic Digital Billboards & Display Advertising


AdTrek is now a fully automated marketing platform delivering dynamic creative across display banners, websites and digital billboards.

AdTrek was the engine used to deliver out NZME’s Coast 500 song countdown.

This campaign included over 50 digital billboards throughout NZ (36 different sizes) and display banners (3 different sizes), which reflected the track name, artist and position in the countdown, being played at any given moment.

Using a supplied feed, AdTrek updated creative every 10 seconds to ensure the data was always continually up-to-date.

Our creative platform enabled text to resize and reposition itself on-screen, depending on character length, ensuring messaging always looked great.

Multiple safeguards were always in play to protect the campaign should the client feed ever get disrupted.

The campaign was displayed via Go Media (billboards) and NZ Herald (display banners) over a period of 1 week.



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