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Clicks Are A Barrier

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Advertising is full of great products, services and experiences; but all too often viewers are asked to 'click' if they want access to more information. This is a problem because many viewers aren't interested leaving the content they are actively on. 

Here at AdTrek, we are working on innovative new formats to bring this engagement into the banner. 

Example : A 'Pick-a-Path' format using video to highlight 2 very different holiday experiences


By enabling viewers to engage with ads, we create an immersive experience that may whet their appetitie to 'click'.

Viewers are more inclined to engage with an ad if it piques their curiosity, and interacting with it doesn't mean they are sent off to another site.

Example : Communicating an app experience whereby users can overlay a new garage door over their house


With all engagements / interactions measured within a banner, advertisers are able to report on their ad engagement rates (much like social media).

Sometimes, it may not be a click advertisers are after but rather presenting real-time information that is supplied via a feed. This is another effective strategy to grab your audience's attention.


Example : via a real-time feed, these banners show the song that is playing on the station live, including artist and its position in the countdown


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