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Choose a Better Ad Server. Be Noticed.

Before tablets and smartphones, back when desktops ruled the roost, creatives used to flock to a platform called Flash that enabled them to create highly animated, visual display banners, but with excellent compression. The result was effective and noticeable ads that oozed brand appeal.

The problem with Flash, though, was it required a browser plug-in to run. That plug-in was a resource hog that most users learned to live with on their computers… but it was never going to survive in the smartphone world.

As publishers invested in their shiny new responsive websites, enabling them to be mobile friendly, publishers began requesting ad assets that could be used across all digital devices accessing their site.


The common result of this turned into gif banners.

Even as smartphones became smarter with the introduction of HTML5, trying to make an HTML5 ad and then getting it to work in a DSP turned into a headache that many of us avoided, simply because of the costs associated with the unforeseen technical fixes.


So as experienced Digital Marketers, we thought there must be a better way.

The result is AdTrek. 

No more file size limitations, plugs into your existing media campaigns, buy one of our formats or build your own using Tumult Hype and pay for only what you use.

In return, not only do your ads finally get noticed on screen, but you will invariably end up with a higher CTR and higher quality leads. Because you can tell a better story using our banner platform, prospective customers can make a more informed choice about their engagement.

To be perfectly honest, we’re not sure why any marketer or agency wouldn’t use AdTrek.

Your display banners are now only limited by your imagination. But don’t just take our word for it, check out what our customers have been doing in our gallery.

Or if you’d like to start using our platform for your marketing, get in contact with us here.


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