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AdMerchant - Why 30 is better than 8.

4 times more is always better for most things in life.

Let's compare AdTrek's AdMerchant Dynamic Banners with DV360's equivalent. 

For large banners, DV360 dynamic display banners only communicate a maximum of 8 products.

AdTrek's dynamic display banners can show up to 30 products - regardless of banner size.

Why waste money paying for 4 - 8 individual impressions to match AdTrek's  ONE impression?


Example of DV360 Dynamic Display - only 6 products. 


Let's say you're paying $4.50 CPM to display 8 products using a large DV360 dynamic banner.
To match AdTrek's 30 products, you would need to spend $18 CPM.
Smaller banner sizes would cost even more.

But wait, there's more... in most cases our ad serving cost will be cheaper.

Plus, your banners will look amazing as our banner format will enable you to incorporate your brand colours & fonts.

Get noticed now and start watching your engagement stats sky rocket.


Example of AdTrek's AdMerchant Dynamic Display - holds up to 30 products regardless of banner size.



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