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AdMerchant - Promo Posters

Now you can add your own customised retail sale campaign graphics directly into your display banner product feeds.



Promo Posters are a great way to highlight online retail sale initiatives, helping you to increase conversions.

Embedded within your product feeds, you can add up to 3 poster images, each with their own unique landing URL.

Promo Posters come with the following benefits :

   • Highlight your current retail campaigns.

   • Choose the start and end dates for when you would like them to appear within your advertising.

   • Choose which display banner feeds you want them to appear in.

   • Promo posters are designed to fit your image sizes ensuring your banners continue to look great.


Promo Posters are included in your AdTrek banners free of charge.

Talk to AdTrek today to get your Promo Posters turned on.


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