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AdMerchant - Dynamic Banners

The new way to merchandise your products online.

Now your display banners can update product information directly from your Google Merchant Feed - every hour.



AdMerchant puts you in the drivers seat of deciding which products you want to retail to your customers by either entering your product SKU's in our CMS or by selecting a product category and/or brand contained in your Google Merchant Feed for complete automation.

Our revolutionary new Connector system will then pull all relevant information for those products from your Google Merchant Feed and create your new banner - without any coding. You simply Preview an updated version of your banner and then click Publish when you're ready for it go live. Within 5 minutes, your updated banner will be reflected across all your advertising.

Example of a SKU managed sub-feed of products. 


AdMerchant will continue to check your products against your feed continually throughout the day, ensuring any updates for pricing, stock levels or other variables, are automatically updated in your display banner creative.

We also provide a URL you can use for Facebook to create a dynamic feed ad for your social media audiences. The same products that appear within your banner, will also appear within your Facebook ad, which can also be scheduled to update every hour by calling your AdTrek feed. This means you can have confidence that you only need to make a change to your products in one place (AdTrek), but have those changes reflected across all your digital assets.

AdMerchant banners enable you to display from 3 - 30 products to your customers. Their engagement within the banners are tracked.

Our AdMerchant platform has the following capabilities :

  • Create as many sub-feed groups of products as you like, that you can target to specific customer segments.
  • Products can be changed mid-campaign or scheduled to change at a specific time.
  • Manage products in your banner yourself using SKU's, or AdMerchant can randomly select up to 30 products from a product category.
  • The system can check your Google Merchant Feed every hour to locate any product changes.
  • Products will automatically be removed if their sale date has elapsed or stock inventory has run out.
  • Incorporate your own custom design into our banner so your customers instantly recognise your ad.
  • Manage the order of the products in your banners.
  • All products incorporate their own URL's taking the user directly through to the product they want more information about.
  • Integration into Facebook for dynamic ads.
  • Incorporate your own custom data fields for information that is not contained within your Google Merchant Feed.
  • Webfonts built in.


Find out how your AdMerchant feeds can be used to create Dynamic Facebook Product Catalogues

For more information on using AdMerchant in your advertising, please Contact Us.

Or check out our AdMerchant Case Studies


Example of a campaign in mid-delivery.


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