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Samoa Tourism Retail Banners

Now travel advertising can take their partners travel deals direct to market with our innovative AdMerchant feed format. Read more

Vanuatu Tourism - "Pick-a-Path"

Vanuatu wanted a visually rich campaign to communicate a range of different experiences, split between adventure lovers and those that prefer a more laid back approach. Read more

Vanuatu Tourism - More Exciting Ways

This rebranding incorporated new stories as told by travellers. AdTrek was the only way to bring this campaign to life. Read more

Accor Hotels

Accor Hotels Wintervention campaign highlighted their winter deal where Kiwi's could take a break from winter. Read more

Air Tahiti Nui - Airfare Sale

Air Tahiti Nui uses video display banners to promote the Islands of Tahiti, whilst advertising their latest airfare deals. Read more


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