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Integrating AdTrek into Verizon DSP

To add AdTrek tags to your campaign within Verizon DSP, you will have to complete the normal campaign set-up first, including your line items. When you have completed this set-up, please follow the steps below.

You will then go into the line item and select “Ads” and then select “+New Ad”


You will then select “3rd Party”. Fill in the creative name & type in what ad size you are adding to the platform (300 x 250 etc.). The landing page URL and tracking URLs will automatically generate after pasting in the AdTrek code and save.



In order to add the AdTrek tags to the campaign you will go to your AdTrek account and the campaign you are working on. Then select the “</>” button which will give you the creative for the ad size. 


This will then give you the tag that you need to copy & paste into the Verizon DSP. 


You then highlight and copy the code. 


And paste into the Verizon DSP as below :


Most times a technical error will display, we ignore this one as it is relevant for Europe only.  The URL will automatically generate from the tag. 


Add all other creative sizes following the same process. 

Please get in touch if you come across any issues, and we will happily assist. 



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