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How to send AdTags direct to Publishers

Once you’re in your AdTrek dashboard, click onto the campaign you've created. Select the button 'add media line' and choose the publisher listed from the drop-down menu. 

Once your media line is created, select 'add' asset and your desired size.


Click the small blue icon next to your asset. 

This will give you the tag to copy & paste into your email. 

Click & Impression Tracking

Within AdTrek there is the ability to track native campaigns with click and impression trackers. Depending on the advertising platform you are using you may need one or multiple assets. An example of this is the Stuff Native Carousel. For this one you will need to add multiple assets. Click 'add' asset and enter your URL and asset name. 

Repeat this process for your remaining carousel cards. Next, click on the small blue icon to retrieve your code.


This will show both your impression and click tag to be copied & pasted into your email.

You only need to send one impression tracking tag to Stuff from your first slide. However, you’ll need to send the click tag for each asset line. See below as an example. 

In the same email, attach your assets as JPG's as well as a PDF preview which should include your headlines and any descriptions so Stuff can load everything up on their end. 

Please get in touch if you need assistance and we’ll be happy to help.  






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