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FEED your Ad with Content

Marketing automation is a very powerful tool when you have all the pieces in alignment.

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With AdTrek, we make building display banners with FEEDS super simple.

Since the ad is dynamically generated, it automatically updates as your content and FEED changes. Your content can include images, text or video. It can also incorporate content from third party API's such as weather forecasts and stocks.

Looking at the example below, Samoa Tourism has a display banner that is created entirely from FEEDS, pulling in travel package deals loaded onto their website by travel agents.


FEEDS are usually automatically exported from your website via the CMS as JSON or XML files several times a day.

 TIP : FEEDS should not be confused with a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS enables display banners to be updated with content you load manually. Check out our NewsTalk ZB case study which looks at how we implemented a Content Management System to meet their objectives. 

Below is part of the FEED that this Samoa display banner is reading :


The feed contains multiple deals, so each one has its own ID. Note that the banner randomly selects a deal from file supplied.

We are then supplied with :

• A click through URL for the chosen deal
• The name of the resort
• The package price
• Number of nights 
• A link to the background image for this resort.

This data is then compiled into the banner and presented to the user.

Via your AdTrek dashboard, you can then view which packages within your feed are being viewed :

If you would like to know more or want to discuss a solution for your requirements, please contact us.


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