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Build your Brand with AdTrek

We understand the dilemma marketers and agencies face in today's market. How do you tell your story to a large audience when they are all tuning into streaming platforms that don't have ads?

Your options have been to incorporate a mixture of social, pre-rolls, OnDemand and YouTube.

Apart from social, the costs for distributing your content via these channels can be expensive, upwards of $40 CPM and with limited targeting.

This fragmentation is only going to get worse. This is where AdTrek comes in. 


The Evolution Begins - Display Banners 2.0

The display banner is the internet's most prolific media spot, but based on existing formats and specifications, it has never been a worthy contender as a medium to build a brand or tell a story.

However, that all changes with AdTrek. 

Our platform provides marketers and agencies with new banner formats & tools that :

• Enables you to continue using audience sets you have created in your DSP

• Enables you to continue taking advantage of cost-effective programmatic CPM rates

• Enables you to execute highly effective creative ads to your customers. 

Display banners can now incorporate much larger file sizes, web fonts for displaying dynamic data, video, sound, countdown timers.... and much, much more.

Gone are the days asking your customer to click for information. Now you can take your story directly to your customer, in a format that works for your customer across desktop, mobile and tablets.





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